Driving While Under the Influence of Texting

The use of cell phones while driving has become increasingly controversial, with some studies suggesting that the practice costs thousands of lives by slowing the reaction time of drivers.

As many Canadians have already heard, Ontario is passing Bill 118, a special piece of legislation that bans the use of cell phones and texting devices while driving.

There has even been recent fuss online of a man observed shaving his head while driving, but nobody is suggesting that electric shavers should be banned too.  It’s possible that Liebeck v McDonald’s would be decided differently today – with drinking coffee while driving reducing the punitive damages even further under a more recognized state of contributory negligence.

Yesterday the New York Times provided driving game that readers can use to see how texting would reduce their own reaction time.  Just don’t expect to use this test as a defence for a subjective test for impairment under the new legislation.

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  1. Other thing you should not do while driving: watch pr0n.

  2. I agree:

    Police who pulled over a motorist on Highway 401 near Port Hope on the weekend say he was watching an X-rated movie while driving 40 km/h over the limit


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