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1 Comment on "Housing discrimination"

  1. JamesHalifax | July 9, 2009 at 1:42 pm |

    The landlord should have every right to determine who he or she wants to reside in their rental units.
    Rental property is a HUGE investment, and as such, landlords deserve a return on said investment. Renting out to people on welfare or social assistance is NOT a good investment. Not only would you be seen as some sort of capitalist monster for turfing out a tenant who would not, or could not pay the rent, but it also takes months to evict someone.

    It’s very easy to climb atop a soapbox and scream “discrimination” like it’s a bad thing…when in fact, people discriminate every single day for legitimate reasons. If the young women in question had a steady job and steady income assuring the landlord that he would be paid his rent, then you may be able to suspect that racism is a concern, however, the concern in this case, as in many cases, is strictly form a financial point of view. As it should be.
    It is not the job of landlords to create “social justice” for those considered disadvantaged. The landlords only job is to provide a safe, comfortable home to his tenants in excange for monthly rent payments. Period.

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