What country has the strongest civil liberties?

There is a lively discussion on Slashdot about which countries are best for civil liberties and privacy. It all started when someone from the UK said s/he was unhappy with growing restrictions and wanted to emigrate.

It struck me how little Canada came up in the discussion. Why? We have the Charter; reasonable, independent, strong courts; decent privacy laws; evidence of the judiciary keeping the government on its toes. I guess the world just doesn’t know Canada that well.

Do you have other ideas why Canada is not mentioned? Any other countries you think are better?

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  1. Liam Young | June 29, 2009 at 10:22 am |

    In answer to your question, we have a government made up of autocrats that are unable to respect the law of the land. Yes, we have moved forward in a number of areas, but we’re slipping back in most others:
    1. voting (lowest turnouts, blurred landscape and differences between parties, lack of proportional representation);
    2. media (one of the most tightly held media communities on the planet with excessive limitations to what we can see online or via TV);
    3. growing police state (more than $50 billion spent per year on defense when we barely even have an army. Where is it all going?);
    4. ineffective trade policies; gag orders on public information coming directly from the PMO.
    5. No respect for small businesses.

    Let’s face it: Canada is a banana republic backwater and we’re failing on most counts.

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