Why Choose Ivey

Every beginning is a consequence – every beginning ends some thin.
~ Paul Valery

I kid you not; it is 2:52am according to my computer. I just got home from one of those nights that you wish wouldn’t end. I said goodbye to a lot of close friends who graduated today. We laughed, and danced, and drank the night away.

I know that it has been a while since I wrote, and I did not say anything about Ivey’s elective cycle. What could I say? It was an exhilarating six weeks full of simulations, negotiations, presentations, and genuine business opportunities. I enjoyed it very much, and I would have had much to say if my workdays weren’t 12 hours long. But no matter, it was worth it.

Today was convocation, and Ivey’s MBA graduates crossed the stage. As a JD/MBA student, I could not go with them; the nature of my program is, understandably, that I do not get to receive either degree until I complete both. In one year’s time I will finally have my MBA, but I will always remain a proud member of the class of Spring 2009.

Do you want to know the reason why you should choose Ivey for your MBA? It is this: we care about each other.

As you probably know, Ivey’s main competitive advantage is it’s alumni network, but to say it that way sounds cold, unfeeling, and, well, business-like. The truth is that Ivey’s network runs much deeper: it is about fellowship, friendship, and to a certain extent love. Every member of this graduating class has earned my respect and, more importantly, my trust. To a certain extent, each Ivey alumnus now has my respect as well; after all, Ivey’s admission process is rigorous. It was no coincident that this certain group of students was admitted last year, and it was not coincidence in years past; which students make up the next generation will not be a coincidence, either. If you are offered a spot at Ivey, take it because you will fit in. As the career management team is fond of saying, no one gets into Ivey by accidence.

Last week, Ivey held its biannual semi-formal, and I began chatting with a new student. I told him, give your peers your very best and watch as you receive theirs right back. You can learn something from everyone all of the time.

There is not much more that I can write in this blog, except that it will not be my last. You have another year of me, yet, dear reader. With the exception of a few business electives that I must take at the end of the summer to complete my MBA, the rest of my education lies in the faculty of law at Western. However, I am quite suspicious that the rest of my legal education and apprenticeship will symbiotically tied to my time at Ivey.

Congratulations, Class of Spring 2009.