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  1. Very cool. In addition to observing how their outreach and net accessibility evolves – given that they consider a unique combination of systemic issues, outlier cases and those of last resort, the Ombudsman’s office has the potential to end up having one of those FB profiles where the discussion topics are quite a bit more interesting than most other government groups/pages.

  2. colette guindon | May 11, 2009 at 4:20 pm |

    Want to have information what to do
    My husband and my son was beating by the cop from Hamilton
    My son had a court paper for him to get his kids in hamilton from his ex wife
    So they met her on the sidewalk give her the court paper did put the kids inside of the car and left
    Meanwhile she call the cop told them they kidnap the girls….
    Cops stop them broke my husband teeth his ribs shoulder and wrist
    Trow them in jail until they read the other copy of the court paper and told them they could leave with the kids.
    Roger took one lawyer from Branford who did send roger to the hospital took his case but quit after a while..now he took another lawyer who told roger the same thing…this was a very good case..but now quit also
    To me it seem those lawyer is getting pay by the cop to leave the case
    Roger and stephane never had any charge of anything
    It is pretty sad..when cops beat up someone for no reason at all and get away with it..
    I don’t know were to turn anymore to have justice for my husband and son for what they did to them all this in front of my 3 young’s granddaughter
    Thank you
    Mrs Guindon

    Law is Cool: As law students, we cannot provide legal advice.
    We would, however, direct your question to AdviceScene, one of our partners who is staffed by practicing lawyers and judges who would be more than happy to help you out.

  3. colette guindon | November 27, 2009 at 2:02 am |

    My husband was beat up by the Hamilton Police around 9 years ago
    We did have Mr Justin Griffin for Lawyer until he lost his license for Lawyer
    We did find Mr Paul Jewell from Toronto Ontario but nothing is getting no where
    My husband and my son Stephane went and got my 3 grandaughters in Hamilton with a court paper saying that they had every right to bring back Stephane 3 daughters with them to Wawa because their mother was unfit and was not allowed to live Algoma region
    When they arrive there they try to have the cop to go with them who told them they were in law to give Lisa a court paper and to bring the kids back with them
    They also try with Childrens aid there who told them the same thing
    When they were going to Lisa appartment they did see them on the sidewalk
    Roger did stop the car and stephane process to put the 3 kids in the car while Lisa was hitting them
    They put the kids in the car and had one woman from Hamilton Cindy Hache…with them for witness and drop her to her place
    They proceed to take the highway to come back
    While they were doing all this Lisa already call the cop
    She never did show the court paper to the cop but told them they kidnap the 3 kids
    They were stop by cop Roger try to show them the copy of the court paper but they trow it in the gravel
    They start to beat up my husband and my son in front of my 3 grandaughter gun on their head all the time
    They did bring them to the cop station trow my son in jail
    Roger had broken rib all his teeth were broke broken wrist…
    And shoulder
    One detective came to Roger with the court paper and told Roger why you dint show this paper to the cop nothing of this will have happen
    Roger told him he try but they refuse to look at it
    Right away they told Roger to take the kids and leave and go back to Wawa with my son and his daughter that the court paper was legal and they were sorry
    THey never did charge Roger of anything or Stephane
    They just let them go that all
    On their way out Roger did meet Mr Justin Griffin who told him to meet him at his office that he will take the case
    When he lost his license We did find Mr Jewell
    When he did find out that Stephane had a bench arrest for him at the time they went and got my grandaughter he did let my husband case go
    My son was release from jail that day…and after this Mr Griffin got that charge drop…
    It had nothing to do with the beating they give my husband and my son
    Roger and Stephane went there with the court order not again the law but with the law
    We are looking for a good lawyer who will take this case real seriously
    I do have all Mr Griffin court paper here if you need to see it
    Thank you

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