SoCal 2L Making Us All Look Bad

The ABA Journal reports that second-year law student Adam Reich of the University of Southern California was instrumental in the release of a woman imprisoned for the past 29 years.

Connie Keel sat in the car while her husband and his cousin shot and killed a liquor store owner during a botched robbery. Prior to the robbery, Keel’s husband had abused her and threatened her with a gun. At the time of prosecution, however, the defence of “battered women’s syndrome” didn’t yet exist.

Reich made that argument on Keel’s behalf before the parole board — her sixth appearance before that body. Reich also used Twitter and a website to foster support for Keel’s application.

Those of us who use social media principally to make snide remarks about people we’ve never met would do well to emulate Reich’s dedication.

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  1. In a time where bad press seems to dominate the media regarding young people & the use of the internet to perpetuate negativity, hate and cyber bullying it is refreshing to see how Adam Reich & Elliot Darvick mobilized hundreds if not thousands to support this one woman. These extraordinary young men did a great thing for an extraordinary woman.

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