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law outline wiki wikipedia canada canadian americanA new Wikipedia-type site for law outlines has been created by law students at Queen’s University.

Law students across Canada and the USA can post to the wiki, which works just like Wikipedia; anybody can post, and anybody can edit.

The hope is that it will be used to help students collaborate and share ideas.

There are already a few outlines on the site.  The tricky part is formatting them so they look good in wikipedia language.

Students are encouraged to convert their outlines to text using a .doc to .txt converter and post them on the site for others to edit.  Anybody can then fix up the formatting and correct any mistakes.

Articles should be named using the following method:   “School-Course” or “School-Course-Professor”.

For example, an outline for Queen’s University’s Commercial Law outline is named “Queen’s Commercial Law”.  Students can also create outlines that are not specific to a school or a professor by simply naming the article by its course name.

Most law schools have a database of outlines, but nobody checks them for accuracy, and they’re usually out-dated.  Now everybody will be able to help keep them up to date, and anybody with a computer will able to access the information for free.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea, but it appears to be dead already.

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