Essential tech skills for law students

David Canton continues a discussion of essential tech skills for lawyers on Slaw.

In addition to my comment to his post, I suggest learning to back your data up. USB keys and external hard drives don’t cut it. Back up your data off-site over the Internet to protect against hardware failure, fire, flood, or theft.

Make sure the backup provider encrypts your data both in transit and on their servers. I use Amazon S3 with the Jungle Disk client software. It’s not free but it’s cheap.

I wouldn’t trust free services when it comes to data anyway.

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  1. I just noticed your comment there on Slaw.

    I’ve been backing up on USB, external HD, and Gmail for summaries, but those are excellent suggestions.

    Summaries are the bane of my existence. This is almost more of a book publishing degree than it is law.

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