Law Blogs, Aggregated (Courtesy of Garry Wise)

Everything I know about social media I learned from PR professionals in my brief career in that field prior to law.

Neville Hobson (a social media guru in the U.K. who hosts one of my first podcast subscriptions, For Immediate Release) launched an RSS feed yesterday that combined over 60 of the best PR blogs around the world.

He based the selection on a PR Network previously created by David Jones, a local PR guru based in Toronto (he also hosts one of my other first podcasts, InsidePR).

I thought it was a great idea, so I decided to do the same for law blogs.  I started by cloning his RSS from Yahoo Pipes, and it seemed simple enough.  I wasn’t presumptuous enough to decide for myself who the best blogs were, so I began adding from Steve Matthew‘s Canadian Law Blog Awards (CLawBies).

I didn’t get very far though.

I made it to Garry Wise‘s blog and noticed a recent entry, Launching Wise Law Reader.  Yes, Garry beat me to it.

The Wise Law Reader doesn’t use Pipes, but seems to accomplish the same goal.  I can’t seem to find an RSS feed there yet, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time before he gets that up.

The best part about the Wise Law Reader is the top profile video prominently featured on it’s launch date, starring one really familiar law student.

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