Obama Win Might be a Boon for Law Firms

Carolyn Elefant thinks that some law firms are going to see a major increase in business as a result of this week’s election.

Obama is expected to increase regulation in a number of areas, including health and banking, and might provide incentives for green technologies.

Larry Bodine and Zack Needles identify several of growth:

  1. regulatory law and enforcement work
  2. litigation
  3. “green” law
  4. real estate
  5. labour law
  6. bankruptcy
  7. government contracts

Lawyers with expertise in these areas can expect an increase in work.

4 Comments on "Obama Win Might be a Boon for Law Firms"

  1. Also Family Law due to the anti-GBLT Props.

  2. Also Family Law due to the anti-GBLT Props.

    Not necessarily.

    Proposition 8 was limited to California. And despite the results, some spokespersons are “tremendously optimistic.”

    A constitutional challenge might occur at some time in the near future, similar to what happened in Canada. But that type of work would likely be restricted to a a very small group of lawyers working on that case, rather than a general increase in a sector.

  3. Awe, Omar, I know you! …and you definitely know law better than I do.

    One correction, though…the Props against the GLBT community were not only in CA. There were also laws passed in Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas. In Arkansas a Prop past that denies GLBTs from adopting children–surely that will lead to lawsuits as well.

  4. Thanks for the compliment.

    You’re right that similar propositions (not Prop. 8 though) passed in other states, meaning that such suits could be brought there as well.

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