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For most of us, succeeding at getting into law school is a long and arduous path, riddled with onerous tasks like resume-updating, LSAT writing and hunting down references from years past. It usually entails a great deal of misery suffered by the individuals undertaking the endeavour as well as the dear friends and family members who have to put up with our whining.

In some cases, friends and family members become more wrapped up in the process than the applicants themselves. Speaking from personal experience, my mother was one such individual. When I first mentioned that I “might consider taking the LSAT and applying to law school,” I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

Little did I know that I’d be answering questions like, “So how’s law school going?” and “What was your last LSAT score?” at family functions and get-togethers after the news spread that “Thomas is going to law school!” The heat was on. I figured I’d better follow through with my plans otherwise I’d have to respond, “Not so great, but my career in the grocery industry is going swimmingly!”

Upon mentioning my legal aspirations, the gifts started pouring in, ranging from a “hilarious” lawyer calendar to a library of Grishams and law school prep books. Had only my loved ones known about, the swag would have been even sweeter.

With tons of law and law school related gifts, ranging from goofy greeting cards to law school survival kits, is one-stop shopping for the aspiring legal professional, legal professional, and all of the poor saps that have to put up with legal professionals, including those ever-so-enthusiastic and proud mothers and fathers out there. The site has so much to offer, in fact, that I had to cut back on my usual rambling just so I can fit a fraction of it into this blog post.

A rundown:

  • Watches & Clocks
  • Greeting Cards
  • Music & Videos
  • Accessories
  • Office Supplies
  • Games & Books
  • Survival Kits
  • And of course, gift certificates
  • All of which are orderable through a secure server and will be delivered to your door

The quality of the products runs the gamut from thoughtful and practical to a bit goofy and seemingly pointless, but it’s all in the name of wholesome legal fun. The wide array of options available for greeting cards is my personal favourite. They’re generally corny (their creators must be lawyers) but humorous and fully customizable, giving the sender the option of inserting their own witty print on the inside, and is even kind enough to deliver them to the recipient for you. For your browsing pleasure, the cards are organized into a broad range of categories for any occasion a lawyer ought to celebrate (except perhaps very, very early retirement).

A review of the site wouldn’t be complete without mention of its namesake, of course. offers watches and clocks, which vary in their quality/price to be fitted for the fresh-out-of-school lawyer starting a modest little firm or the high-level legal executive. For a “light-hearted take on the concept of the billable hour,” they feature dials that are divided into tenths of an hour for smooth billing purposes.

It’s worth noting that the site isn’t all fun and games. It also features a resources section with links to books, articles and much more to aid you in all of your legal endeavours.

I could easily go on for pages mentioning highlights of the site but, for the sake of your precious time and my grades, it’s best I stop now. In the very least, is worth the browsing time, so check it out for yourself!

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Thomas Wisdom
Second-year law student at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University (Toronto, Canada).