Dion Speaks in London

Here’s a few clips Stéphane Dion’s talk in London, Ontario last night.

In the first clip he reaches out to minorities communities, expressing a vision of inclusion, and mentioning that Stephen Harper had accused him of being pro-Taliban when he criticized the war effort.

In the second clip he talks about the problems in the Canadian economy,

All of us, we have a sense of history.  We will remember that during the Great Depression, it was Roosevelt that took us out of trouble, not Hoover…

I’ve seen Flaherty, after destroying your economy, say to the investors of the world, ‘Don’t invest in Ontario.

Canadians are rightly concerned about the position of the economy.  Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney said earlier this week,

Any slowdown in the U.S. economy would have consequences for Canada, but the current situation poses particular problems.

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