Stop the Applications! No More LSATs…

The Univeristy of Michigan is launching their Wolverine Scholars Program for the 2009 intake, which allows applications from students with strong academic backgrounds to forego the LSAT test.

UM undergraduates who have at least completed their junior year and at most are scheduled to graduate in Winter or Spring 2009 (that is, rising and graduating seniors) with at least six full-time semesters of attendance on the UM-Ann Arbor campus and a UM cumulative grade point average of ≥ 3.80 are eligible to apply.The six semesters may include a non-UM international study-abroad program.We welcome and encourage applications from all UM undergraduate schools and majors.

Other schools have yet to follow lead, and there’s no word yet whether Canadian schools are taking note.

Some Canadians have objected to the LSAT in the past based on privacy issues.

h/t WSJ Law Blog

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