One-Stop Shop Legal Services in Ontario

The Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario announced today a new website and hotline to provide legal information.

Information is available on:

  • Finding a lawyer
  • Tickets and fines
  • Lawsuits and disputes
  • Family and criminal law
  • Human rights, and
  • Wills and Estates

The site provides services in 23 languages to reflect the increasing cultural diversity of the Province, and the hotline has up to 170 languages. Minority access to legal information is a concern that has arisen in many different contexts.

Attorney-General, Chris Bentley, said,

Ontarians now have a place to start when they need basic legal information about our justice system. Justice Ontario is the one-stop destination that puts answers to your basic questions about the legal system just a click or a phone call away.

The site is part of broader strategies to reform the Civil and Criminal system.

The Access Partnership that helped develop the site includes representation from the following organizations: