Law is Cool – Podcast #10

Show Notes
25:29 Total Running Time

0:16 Thomas Wisdom and Omar Ha-Redeye introduce themselves, with interviews from David Aylward and Hon. Chris Bentley.

1:14 Omar discusses the 7 Year Law Degree from Jordan Furlong, while Thomas mentions the importance of learning on the job.

2:25 Thomas shares his new smoking habit that he picked up during law school.

4:50 Omar introduces David Aylward, founder and director of COMCARE Emergency Response Alliance, on how to transition out of a typical legal career into other sectors.

5:22 David Aylward describes his educational, legal and political career in Congress and the U.S. House of Representatives.

6:37 David Aylward relates how the discipline of the legal education and the focus on the meaning of words helped him outside the law and creating a non-profit promoting agency interoperability.

7:52 David Aylward explains how in responding to any emergency there is a need for information exchange and a system that allows voice, data and video sharing.

9:31 Public agencies don’t look at the private or commercial sector enough for communications capability and have a higher degree of cultural resistance to sharing, but technically still have similar challenges.

12:02 David Aylward provides career advise on how to psychologically prepare on transitioning into non-traditional legal careers where the essence of the work isn’t the law.

14:42 There are lots of opportunities in North America, and anyone who has a law degree has lots of choices.

15:56 Thomas describes his trip to Florence, Italy and the 10 year delays in the tort system there.

16:28 Omar introduces Min. Chis Bentley, the Attorney-General of Ontario.

17:25 The Attorney-General of Ontario relates his experience teaching at the University of Western Ontario faculty of law.

18:02 Min. Bentley explains the access to justice issue, and changes his office have made to the criminal justice system such as the Justice on Target program.

21:02 Min. Bentley says we have a good human rights system and shares groundbreaking initiatives they have undertaken starting June 30, 2008 which will strengthen human rights in Ontario.

22:22 Min. Bentley explains why human rights are so important to our society, which values optimism and opportunity without barriers and discrimination.

24:52 Omar signs off.

(Please see Thomas Wisdom was Really Cool)

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