Law is Cool – Podcast #8

Show Notes
(Total running time 24:19)

0:14 Jacob Kaufman and Omar Ha-Redeye introduce themselves

0:25 Jacob mentions Canadian Lawyer’s listing of Law is Cool as the Top Ten of the Canadian Blawgosphere

0:52 Omar congratulates all the winners, as well as some honourable mentions on the site

0:58 Jacob comments on the word “Blawgosphere,” and says it sounds like something out of Dr. Seuss

1:12 Omar introduces Mark Popiel, senior counsel at Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLCC, stationed in Buffalo, N.Y., who specializes in U.S. corporate immigration

2:41 Mark explains how the Internet gives him greater exposure to clients worldwide, and enhances communication and legal services across timezones

4:26 Mark projects some developments in immigration law, that expect increase trade across borders despite recent travel restrictions

5:34 The Internet allows movement of documents at a much more rapid rate, and the emergence of Canadian company Research in Motion’s Blackberry promotes greater accessibility

6:07 Mark explains some of the opportunities for Canadian lawyers, including NAFTA work permits that are quick and inexpensive

7:17 Mark shares how he made the transition to working in the U.S. as a Canadian who decided to study law in the U.S.

8:35 Jacob introduces Ian Hull of Hull & Hull, an estates lawyer with a firm that is a leader in technology initiatives

9:17 Ian describes their daily blogs and two weekly podcasts, which focus on potential clients as well as lawyers in the field, who are their referral sources

10:58 Mark shares how he got involved in blogging and podcasting through Terry Fallis of Inside PR in March 2007

11:38 Mark explains how blogging and podcasts have changed his practice, its usefulness in communicating internally on important issues, and how their audience has grown over time

13:56 Mark explains the learning curve for blogging and podcast, and how their show improved over time

15:16 Mark addresses fears and apprehensions that large law firms have over blogging, likens it to a daily newsletter

16:53 Mark describes how their firm ensures editorial oversight by having a partner review content produced by associates

17:37 Mark mentions Podcasters Across Borders, how their podcast has grown, the perceptions of their firm in the legal community, and an umbrella of benefits that are often not anticipated

19:01 Mark says that lawyers are often technology dinosaurs, and often miss on innovative developments in the field

19:46 Mark provides some feedback about LawIsCool

20:23 Jacob raises some issues with the problems on some social media sites such as Facebook, including a recent case R. v. Sather of potential threats on his status updates, where technology expert Jesse Hirsch testified

21:32 Jacob claims that there have been very few cases mentioning Facebook to date, most not fully understanding it, and how photos of people’s personal activity can affect personal injury cases

22:23 Jacob mentions an upcoming event hosted by Jesse Hirsch where Omar is speaking on a panel on March 18, 2008

22:53 Omar states that Law Is Cool will be slowing down for exams, and indicates that the site will be announcing a recognition of one of the team members who has provided a unique contribution over the past year

23:18 Jacob states that incoming law students for the 2008-2009 interested in joining the site should contact us at: admin[at]lawiscool[dot]com

23:40 Omar signs off

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