And You Thought the LSAT was Bad?

This kid would put you to shame.

He’s only eight, and he passed the law school exam. Okay, it is in Brazil, but it’s still pretty incredible.

The Brazillian Bar Association does concede this indicates how low the standards have fell in their nation’s law schools.

But Joao Victor Portellinha de Oliveira should still be given credit for being a smart kid. He’s also two grades ahead of his age – in Grade 5.

So while we debate JD vs. LLB and if an undergrad degree should be required for law admissions in Canada, Brazil is taking them directly out of elementary.

Julius Melnitzer of the Legal Post comments,

Can’t help but wonder whether the revelation will stimulate an increase in hourly rates.

Thanks to Justin Tetreault of UofT law for the heads up.

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