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docstocAlthough law school is highly competitive (mostly for marks), those that collaborate usually do get ahead.

Online and Internet technologies are greatly facilitating collaborative learning in law. This site, which draws from first-year students at several different universities across Canada, is also an example of online learning.

Some lawyers are drawing on their experiences to help future students get ahead too.

We spoke to Jason Nazar about his company, Docstoc, and what it can do for law students:

Jason NazarI’m a recent law school grad and one of the reasons we created docstoc was to help law school students exchange outlines, briefs, papers, and study aids more easily. We have a category set aside for law school – and we have hundreds of documents in there already.

We’re also coming out with a new feature soon that will allow law school students to create their own groups.

LawIsCool has tried to provide some centralized summary resources, but Docstoc has the capability to host the actual documents.

Blawgers might find Docstoc useful as well, because they allow embedding documents directly on your site.

We’ll try this feature out in the future, and you can let us know what you think.

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