Trials of Law School

LawIsCool will be setting up viewings of the The Trials of Law School at select universities across Canada over the next few months.

Contact the admin to see how you can set up a viewing at your university too.

Porter Heath Morgan A special thanks to Porter Heath Morgan, attorney and filmaker, for making this possible.

Some Preliminary Reviews

Jim Chen likes this piece from the preview:

What’s sad about law school . . . is that we take these very bright, energetic high-achievers, people who’ve well all their lives, and we put them in this chamber, and we pour them out and we rank them.

The Wall Street Journal says,

For our money, the funniest part of the film is a recording of a television commercial, starring one of the students, that aired in southern Oklahoma. In the commercial, the student tells her father, a General Motors car dealer, that she’s studying a case in law school in which the court ruled she deserved a new car, “so how about this Olds[mobile] Alero….?”

“Sorry, Katie,” says the dad, “but on appeal the Katie v Wayne Eidson verdict is overruled.”

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