Precedent Blawg Launches Magazine

The renowned Canadian law blawg, Precedent, is launching a new magazine under the same name.

To celebrate this launch, the magazine is hosting several parties in a few cities across Canada.

With an inaugural launch last week in Toronto, they are following up with other cities in Ontario.

Tonight the magazine is hosting an event in London, ON, where we will be meeting and interviewing Melissa Kluger, Editor & Publisher of Precedent for our next podcast.

Kluger stated in 2006,

I’ve been a lawyer in Toronto now for four years. Over this time, a lot of law magazines, newspapers and newsletters have crossed my desk. Even though these are publications for lawyers, I never feel like they are really talking to me. They always feel a little old, a little earnest and, well, a little boring.

Our sneak preview reveals nothing remotely boring.

Tonight’s event is sponsored by Cassels Brock of Toronto.

Details for events in Windsor, Kingston, and Ottawa can be found here.

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