Law is Cool – Podcast #6

Show Notes
(27:53 Total Running Time)

0:13 Jacob Kaufman and Omar Ha-Redeye introduce themselves

0:29 Omar raises the past CBA conference, and the issue of Omar Khadr

0:57 We hear from Muneer Ahmad, faculty at the American University Washington College of Law, and counsel for Omar Khadr

1:36 Muneer Ahmad discusses his Aug. 24, 2007 article in the Toronto Star about Omar Khadr

3:14 Muneer Ahmad discusses the new enemy combatant categorization that is being used to trump the rights and process for child soldiers

5:17 Response from the human rights community and legal academia, and the role of Canada discussed

7:48 The value of Canadian citizenship raised, with Khadr being the only NATO country not intervening on behalf of their citizens

8:24 Another Toronto Star article from Aug. 26, 2007 discussed on how foreign affairs Minister MacKay was briefed on how to avoid the Khadr issue

9:01 The importance of Omar Khadr’s case to Canadian law students raised

11:12 Muneer Ahmad directs listeners to more resources on the Amnesty International website, Cage Prisoners, and the blogosphere

12:58 Muneer Ahmad shares means and potential roles for advocacy on behalf of Omar Khadr

14:56 Bernard Amyot, President of the Canadian Bar Association, of Heinen Blaike in Montreal, graduate of McGill law

speaks on the CBA’s position on Omar Khadr

17:06 Amyot states,“The war on terrorism cannot be won by denying those suspected of terrorism the fundamental right to answer charges in a fair and open process”

17:25 Bernard Amyot speaks of Canadians’ role as champions of due process and the rule of law, how this should affect the Khadr case, and steps that have been taken that have interfered with due process and rule of law for Omar Khadr

18:45 Bernard Amyot reminds the Prime Minister that the 37,000 lawyers and law students represented by the CBA of his duty to this Canadian citizen, and encourages law students to put pressure on the Prime Minister in the same way

20:11 Omar mentions an article in the North Carolina Law Review by John Makdisi, former Dean and Professor of Law, Loyola University New Orleans School of Law, The Islamic Origins of the Common Law, 77 N.C.L. Rev. 1635

21:03 Jacob describes a June 7, 2007 article in the Economist that explains business opportunities in Islamic financing occurring in Dubai, U.A.E.

21:55 Walied Soliman of Ogilvy Renault Toronto shares a information on a presentation for the Ontario Bar Association on Islamic financing products

23:22 Walied Soliman describes the three classes of restrictions in Islamic financing

24:32 Walied Soliman explains some of the business opportunities in this sector, both locally and globally

26:03 Walied Soliman provides some examples of Islamic financing transactions his firm is engaging in

27:16 Omar signs off

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