Law is Cool – Podcast #1

Show Notes

(12:04 total running time)

o:17 – Thomas Wisdom and Omar Ha-Redeye introduce themselves

0:35 – Thomas and Omar explain the purpose of the blog and podcast

2:15 – Maclean’s magazine controversy discussed

5:11 – Pro bono work and the need to publicize how much is done by Canadian lawyers reviewed

7:45 – Study by Osgoode Hall and University of Alberta mentioned

10:21 – The invitation for dialogue from readers and listeners extended

11:23 – Whiners thanked for music
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Please note this is our first episode, and we will be making some improvements over time in sound quality and recording.

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Law is Cool
This site is intended to provide a resource for those interested in law. Current law students, graduates preparing for their bar exam, and members of the general public, can all benefit from a deeper understanding of the legal framework that helps shape our society.

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  1. Great idea and thanks for using our music as a theme. We’ll be checking back and now we know who we can approach when we need some legal help. Hello all you future legal minds! Especially liked your coments on pop culture and pro bono.

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