About Law Is Cool

Law is Cool

Law Is Cool is a new blog and podcast addressing issues related to law school and the legal field with a Canadian focus.

The next few months will largely be preparation and construction of the site.
The contents are intended for three broad audiences:

1) Current and potential law students

2) Graduates reviewing for their bar exam

3) Members of the general public interested in learning more about the law

LawIsCool is intended to be an exciting and engaging resource for all three groups. It will require your participation to make this happen. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

About the Author

Law is Cool
This site is intended to provide a resource for those interested in law. Current law students, graduates preparing for their bar exam, and members of the general public, can all benefit from a deeper understanding of the legal framework that helps shape our society.

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  1. Add a link to http://www.outlines.com/ for your “Law School” section, it’s extremely helpful!

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